iPhone Water Damage Repair Dubai

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Daya Tech Support, Micro component damage, water damage and hidden damages that are happening in the iPhone are not quite uncommon in the past few months or so. Extensive usage of the iPhone by innocent users costs such damages most often. Another important reason is the increasing number of users of this gadget. For all these reasons, daily, we see plenty of cases come in for the centre to fix such repair work on iPhones. However, the complications in such cases as hidden damages and micro component damages are quite difficult to handle, even for the experts. That means you cannot settle for someone who is not certified in the field. It is the most important reason why you can see plenty of people coming into our iPhone water damage repair Dubai centre to get their phones fixed well in time.

It enables us to gain rich experience in handling such repair work. Eventually, we have become experts in this domain, and we have completed so much similar repair work. We can handle a wide range of iPhone issues. The help from the pros for iPhone water damage repair in Dubai is crucial, as any water damage to the phone could potentially cause a myriad of problems for iPhones. Sometimes it can be minor glitches and sometimes it could be complete device failure. Here are six major problems commonly encountered in our iPhone water damage services Dubai:

Corrosion: Sometimes the internal components are corroded and that allows short circuits, malfunctions, and permanent damage.

Display Issues: If you find the water to enter into the display through seeping then it can be causing discoloration, flickering, or touch sensitivity problems.

Battery Damage: Just in case if the water can infiltrate the battery, then that could be leading to swelling, reduced capacity, or even battery failure.

Data Loss: Sometimes, in rare cases, even the data losses are also possible in iPhone, due to water damages. This can be resulting in data loss or inaccessible files.

Micro-Component Damage: Sometimes, the delicate parts or the micro-components, such as microphones, speakers, and charging ports, could be damaged due to water seeping inside.

Hidden Damage: Water damage is not evident in some cases, causing unpredictable issues that may arise later.

Repairing water-damaged iPhones in Dubai is not easier. You have to have the tools and skills.  It’s crucial to seek professional assistance for iPhone water damage repair services in Dubai. They are the best ones to assess the extent of damage, prevent further deterioration, and restore the device’s functionality. We can offer assistance in the following ways.

  1. Immediate Power Off: In order to avoid any short circuits and reduce the risk of further damage, it is good to switch the power off.
  2. Disassembly and Drying: Water should be removed from the phone totally. So, the iPhone water damage repair Dubai, pros carefully disassemble the iPhone to remove moisture content and allow internal components to dry thoroughly.
  3. Corrosion Removal: There are some of the special techniques adopted to remove corroded areas, from the affected components to restore conductivity and prevent further deterioration.
  4. Component Inspection and Replacement: All the parts are supervised and tested for best performances. Any faulty parts are replaced with genuine replacements.


You can call us to come and pick up your phone too. If not, when facing iPhone water damage repair in Dubai, seeking professional water damage iPhone repair Dubai services can make you solve the problem at once. So, come to us ASAP.

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